My background

I am university educated in law and self-educated in nutrition and alternative healing methods.
I am a 200h Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher and a 250h Certified Living Yolates Teacher.
I am a food and healthy living enthusiast and in love with yoga and movement.
I love to travel and I firmly believe that there are a million ways to live life.
And each is perfect in itself.

Why I do what I do

If someone turns to a rather alternative path in life they usually hit rock bottom in a way. I am no exception to that rule (and I don’t pretend to be). At a point in my life where I had almost lost all trust in myself I discovered Yoga. First just for myself at home, this wonderful source of knowledge about mind and body led me one step closer to myself every time I stepped on the mat.

Amazed by the power of yoga, diving deeper into everything Yoga-related that I could find I was searching for “my way” of doing and sharing yoga without knowing exactly what I was looking for.

One thing let to another and I somehow found myself in a circle of wonderful women in the middle of Balis rice paddies taking my first Living Yolates class with Mikkala Marilyn Kissi.

After hours of moving and dancing and sweating and letting go and centering again I was lying in Savasana in total bliss.

And I knew – this is it!

Since then my perception has changed and even though I teach a variety of yoga classes and different styles, I view it through the lens of Living Yolates. It’s my home base.

Living Yolates is so much more than a training form. It’s a way of living.

And it taught me one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt on my journey so far:
In order to be fully successful in life, it’s not only ok to be yourself. It is absolutely necessary.

Holding space for people in teaching from my heart is my way of living this truth.

See you on the mat!

Love, always